True Heritage

The DNA results are in …

The Ancestry DNA results came in last week and I’ve been trying process it all. Here is the breakdown: 45% Great Britian 15% Italy/Greece 9% Ireland 8% Native American I’ll be honest.. these were not the DNA results that I was expecting. I expected I […]

True Heritage: Who Am I ?

One of my favorite TV programs to watch on Sundays is TLC’s ¬†Who Do You Think You Are. ( WDYTYA) I love watching how they can trace back someone’s family history. Sometimes I’m jealous. For those that don’t know, I was adopted as an infant […]

Let’s talk about Southern Pride for a moment

All this craziness with the Confederate flag… I just don’t get it. Maybe it is because I grew up with seeing the flag everywhere. I never once associated it with racism. It was part of our culture, our lifestyle. It was a symbol that spoke […]