The Big C has arrived.

The Big C has arrived.

Yep, the Big C aka Cancer has entered our lives.

Two weeks ago, I was worried that I could have breast cancer due to a suspicious-looking mammogram. Thankfully everything turned out fine.

Fast forward to last Monday, my stepmom had an MRI to rule out some abnormalities and abdominal pain. She and my Dad called this afternoon to tell me she has pancreatic cancer.

Cancer sucks y’all.

This whole thing is horrible. This vicious disease not only it affects the person who has it, but it also affects everyone around them.

So many decisions to be made, plans to make and you can’t really make too many of them because this disease takes away your control and loved one’s as well.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go for my father and step-mother. They had so many plans made for the next phase of their life. Some of them, they will continue with. Others, they aren’t sure about yet. It all depends on what the liver biopsy shows. Those results won’t be available till tomorrow. We are praying for the best outcome and thinking it is the worst.

So far, This experience so far reminds me a lot of our Army life.

You didn’t know what you were headed for. It could be a new duty station, possible deployment, or my husband could have some training for 2 weeks in another state or country. You could plan a vacation but that didn’t necessarily mean that Dan would get the time off to go.

One of the things I remember most about Military life is “expect the Unexpected!” I guess it’s time to use all that Army Wife training/experience in this situation as well. I’m (and husband/kids too) committed to helping them in whatever they may need. We just don’t know what exactly that means, yet.

For those reading this, if you have pain go and get it checked out. Haven’t had a mammogram in a few years, make that appointment today! It could save your life.

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