Coping with Wanderlust

Coping with Wanderlust

Can you hear it ? Go ahead and mute your TV, I’ll wait.

Ah … The sounds of the salty ocean waves rolling in upon the white sandy beaches, the sounds of your cabana bring you your adult beverage with the umbrella in it. Or perhaps it is the Jazz music comes from a small piano bar in the French Quarter. Maybe it is even the sights and sounds of the most magical place on Earth.

Perhaps, it is none of those things. Maybe,  it is just desire to go someplace else, to see things you’ve never seen and to experience things that are completely outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you don’t know where you want to go as long as it is far away from where you are now.  Ahh.. wanderlust!

Wanderlust is such a novel idea. It’s such a  romantic concept .. To be able to travel the world, be carefree and see all the things that our world has to offer. However, most of us don’t have the bank account to fund all these wonderful trips and to live without the added responsibilities everyday life brings.

I know I’m not the only one who experiences this wanderlust.. this innate need to just go somewhere. We’ve all had those moments while paying bills, you find yourself searching the internet  at possible trips you can take or how much vacation time you have available.

Fortunately, My family traveled a lot when I was a kid(16 states in 15 years), and then we lived in many different places while my husband was in the Army (5 cross-country moves in 6 years). For most of these years, my wanderlust was at bay. I was going to new places, meeting new people, learning about new cultures. Once we moved to North Iowa and started living a more sedentary lifestyle, wanderlust is creeping back in again.

How to cope

Over the years, I’ve managed to learn a few things on on coping with wanderlust. Here are some tips to help you..s

What is the reason for your wanderlust? Examine the reason for your passion for travel. Is it that your best friend just got back from a trip in the Australian outback? Or maybe you yearn to do  humanitarian  work in the poorest villages in Haiti ? Perhaps, you just want to experience life without limitations or responsibilities?Whatever the reason is, figure out what your specific reasons are. Share those thoughts and feelings with friends/family. Journal about your thoughts and think about next steps.

Look at your current surroundings. Usually, our regular day-to-day is so much less exciting and interesting than the places that we travel to. Many people travel simply to escape their regular, boring, and basic life. They look at other people’s travels for long for those adventures. It’s always the grass is always greener type of thing.If you’re not able to hop on a plane anytime soon, examine the adventures you have in your own backyard. What things can you change in your life that will allow for a little excitement? What can you change to allow for a life you don’t always need to escape from ?

Make a plan to create your next trip. The first part of planning any trip is the easy (and FUN) part. You can spend hours on in the internet looking at lodging, airfare, logistics, and all the things that you’ll do while you are there.Mostly, the hard part is the financial. How can you make your dream trip a reality? Figure out where you want to go and how much will the entire trip take. Make a plan to reach that goal by saving extra money, doing side hustles, or even selling some of your things.

Reach your goal, make the arrangements and GO!