The pressures of perfect parenting

pressure-perfection-parentingLife is hard.

It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not, work at home, have a full-time job, etc. The parenting pressures that we, individually and as a society, that we put on ourselves are not necessary.

With so many moms on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you can really get a skewed version of “reality. ” We, by our nature, don’t want to share the bad and negative side of our lives. However, we can’t assume everything that we see and read online isn’t fact or based in reality.

Now that my kids are almost grown (ages 13 and 17) and quite independent, I don’t feel the pressure to be the perfect mom.  Together with my husband, we do what we feel is best for our girls.

Have we made mistakes along the way? You bet. However, we learned from those mistakes.

I will always worry about my kids and the decisions that we make on their behalf.  I have to believe that we’ve instilled the right values and morals in them to do the right thing.

I really feel for the young moms out there today. There is so much more pressure to be the perfect mom than ever before.

I’m just glad we didn’t have Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest when our girls were small.  It was hard enough just dealing with two kids under 4 at times, not to mention some of the special needs issues we encountered with K.

Don’t drink the Parenting Kool-Aid

So, to all the younger moms and dads out there, don’t believe everything you see or read online. The pictures with the perfectly dressed children are most likely the 10th consecutive picture they took. They probably spent weeks, maybe even months putting together the over-the-top birthday party or family function.

Just some things to remember to get through the parenting years…

  1. Don’t hesitate to be the real, authentic you.
  2. Nobody has the perfect family or the perfect life.
  3. Don’t hesitate to show what your real life is actually like.
  4. Share your personal story for you.. for you  don’t know who you might be helping.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, in real life or online.

2 thoughts on “The pressures of perfect parenting”

  • Love this post! As a new mom, the pressure is so great. We want to do everything right for our little ones. I try not to but it just happens sometimes. THanks for letting me know that it is ok.

    • Melanie – of course! It is always ok not to be perfect. As long as you are following your gut as a mama and it won’t steer you wrong.

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